Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birthing Season is Soon!!

Birthing season will soon be upon us. Baby coonies are going to be heard and found in the oddest of places. Perhaps you will hear birds chirping in the chimney in the middle of the night. This is most often infant coonies. In the cities they may be in between wall spaces, attics or basements. Abandoned vehicles, stored boats, farm equipment, stacked wooden pallets, firewood piles, sheds, tree houses, many things make good birthing dens for new mother coonies. They have no choice since the humans took away all the trees.

Please help us to help those wild families and injured or orphaned to get back to the wild.

I will try to post as many questions from as many states as possible. With the group of licensed rehabbers in all of the states -- the world actually -- perhaps we can help those who don't know what to do.

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swokanimalrescue said...

We at Sw Ok Animal Rescue www.swokanimalrescue.org thinks this is a great idea. We are license wildlife rehabbers also. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help..

Sw Ok Animal Rescue

PeggyRaccoon said...

I recall the old raccoon rescue at yahoo site and this is a good idea to help babies.

TheUtahAgent said...

A friend found a litter of babies and farmed them out to those of us that would take the time to feed and care for them. We know the day will come we will have to part with them but they are not allowed in this state. Where can we find help getting these little angels into the right hands?

Matzo said...

Utah- please come join us at http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/RR6PUBLIC/ - perhaps we can help. Really though, the kits need to be kept together or their chances of survival in the wild are slim to none. They need to learn coonie protocols from each other or they will not know they are coonie and get themselves hurt in the wild by their own kind.

Thanks for posting!


Jess said...

I need help and am reaching out where even I can. Long story short I have four baby raccoons in my kennel in my living room. They seem to be a week to two weeks old.. eyes not open, barely opening on two of them. two female and one male. I need to find a home for them ASAP. I have two babies and two kittens and no time to give them what they need. I dont know what to do but dont want them to die or to kill them by giving them to a place in utah which is what they will do. please give me some info on what to do to get them into a home and what to do until they get into a home.